Our mission is to help each individual develop better lifestyles that begin with balanced diets.



We want to build awareness so everyone can choose the right blend between nutritious and succulent. We encourage our customers to find the right balance in all lifestyle choices.  


We’ve tried the extreme health-focused diets. We’ve tasted the burgers. We want something in between.


Sometimes finding the right balance isn’t easy. We’ve experienced it first-hand, we are on a journey to build accessible options to encourage people to find their balance. We want to fill the gap between convenience and healthiness by providing a spectrum of options that helps customers find their balance. We believe it’s should no longer be a linear choice between health food or junk food.  


Although the origin of our foods is varied, the origin of our founding team is Thailand. Balance is at the core of Thai food. Whether it’s the mix of the spices, sweetness, sourness or saltiness; or the fusion between fresh and fast. We want to bring that balance over and allow more people to find their sweet spot between taste, nutrition and time.