WELA started when 3 friends wanted to share their passion for clean and healthy food. Roman Truba (left) with his love of food has always wanted to make food experiences for the everyday. Roman's belief that food can be a daily experiential escape from the routine of the busy connected life is engrained in the core of the bowls we offer. Mild Rung (right) has always been traversing between Canada and Thailand. Her expertise in Thai food and culture provide inspiration for a flair of uniqueness in the flavours at WELA. Karn Santikarn (center) places a high value on health. The accessibility of clean and healthy food has always been an issue as such foods normally come at a premium. WELA aims to counter these premiums and offer value healthy meals by using local and seasonal produce. Whether you are visiting the Lonsdale Quay Market on vacation or catching the Seabus to work, make sure to swing by and check us out. We would be delighted to see your lovely smiles and we'll sure have something that you will be interested in!


WELA Founders